As you launch your search for new tech candidates, you want to aim high and make a bid to attract and retain the very best talent in the marketplace. You want seasoned, proficient experts, qualified managers and visionary leaders—those who know how to program and implement as well as motivate and inspire. So, what can you offer that might help grab the attention and traction you need? What are the best tech candidates looking for? Here are a few offerings to keep at the top of your list.

More than money.

When you’re staffing a high-responsibility position, you’ll need to offer a competitive paycheck and maybe a signing bonus. But some companies don’t apply this common-sense approach to lower- and entry-level positions. They can’t see the connection between hiring the most promising candidates at the entry level and gaining access to the best at the management level. So they mistakenly look for ways to exploit and underpay young workers by making lowball offers and biased promotion decisions and pushing back against those who negotiate for more. Don’t do this. Keep compensation at the entry level fair and generous, and you’ll reap the rewards over the long term.

Don’t assume tech candidates are naïve.

Some tech employees work for a sense of personal reward, the feeling of being part of a team, and the joy of innovation. But most work for a paycheck. Don’t look for “dreamers” during your interview process—all candidates are dreamers. Look for those who will work hard and insist on open communication and mutual respect.

Offer flexibility.

Many candidates appreciate flexible scheduling as much as money—or even more. Allow your candidates a long rope and plenty of room to negotiate remote working hours, access to the company network on their own devices, and the opportunity to work when and how they choose, as far as possible.

Offer growth—both professional and personal.

If you offer opportunities for training, exposure and advancement, you’ll attract the kinds of candidates who seek learning and growth. These are the kinds of candidates who can push your company forward, so investing in these offerings now will pay large dividends later. Top tech candidates also tend to be open to feedback on their growing leadership and personal presentation skills, so if you offer training and mentoring in career development, you’ll bring on those who recognize they still have plenty to learn.

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