Elevate the loyalty and productivity of your teams by encouraging personal investment. If your employee understands how her own role and her own tasks connect to the larger enterprise and serve the company mission, she’ll be less likely to check out when obstacles arise in her path. More important, she’ll be less likely to search for work elsewhere or jump ship when another opportunity comes along. Here are a few simple moves that can help you build and maintain a sense of personal investment within your workplace culture.

Help employees care

Coming to work each day and focusing on the miniscule tasks of the moment from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. might get those tasks taken care of, but it won’t activate your employee’s full and far-reaching talents. She won’t be able to bring all her problem-solving and leadership skills to bear on an issue unless and until she fully understands why she’s being asked to handle it. If you help her understand her role, she’ll understand the full weight and impact of her contributions. When that happens, she’ll apply ALL those contributions, not just the ones you deem relevant.

Bring them into the loop

It may seem like a safe option to tell employees what’s going on only when you see a direct link between giving them this knowledge and watching them excel at their tasks. It may seem wise to withhold other information or details that you don’t find meaningful. But think again. Employees can spot problems and find solutions you may not see. And bringing them into the loop inspires trust, which in turn pushes them to earn and return that trust by being trustworthy. True team players are honest with each other, so be honest with them and they’ll do the same for you.

Help employees to help each other

Build a culture of teamwork and you’ll strengthen your company on multiple levels. First, isolated problems and challenges are better handled with many heads than one. But second, when teams form and employees commit to each other’s success and feel the rush of goodwill that comes from shared victory, they’re less likely to be lured away. When your co-workers become your team, that’s great. But when your team starts to feel like genuine friends and family, that’s even better.

Explain what their victories actually mean

When your teams resolve a bug or improve a product design, you sell more products. But more important, your end users have a better experience, your product makes a real impact, your company grows, and multiple people and communities experience a positive impact. Let your employees see the entire process from beginning to end and you’ll help them understand the true value of their work.

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