As you search for work, you’re probably submitting your resume to job search services and apps, as well as reaching out directly to members of your network who can connect you with leads and point you in the right direction. These are necessary tools; however, make sure they aren’t the only ones you’re using. Keep LinkedIn on your radar as well.

LinkedIn has been an integral part of the job search scene for more than a decade, and though the site may not be brand new to 2019 grads, it’s still a standby that recruiters and employers depend on as they conduct candidate searches. If you don’t have a profile posted here, you may be missing out on big opportunities. But here’s some good news: Polishing and sharing your LinkedIn profile is easy. And once you’re visible on the site, your information can appear in a surprisingly large number of recruiter searches. Make these simple moves today.

Include three key terms in your profile

No matter how amazing or beautifully written your resume may be, you need to include these three terms in order to maximize your search appearances: Your target job title; your industry (manufacturing, retail, healthcare, etc.); and your geographic location (your city, state or nearest metro area). These terms are very important to recruiters and employers, so don’t leave them out.

Examine your settings

Make sure your profile is visible to everyone (clean out all personal info you don’t want to share with the world) and you’ve selected “yes” in the toggle that denotes your availability. These are necessary if you want strangers to find you and review your credentials. It’s also a good idea to post a picture of yourself.

Join groups

LinkedIn groups can vastly increase your exposure on the site. Choose your groups carefully and follow any activity that could suggest a lead or promising position in your target area. In the meantime, make sure you reach out assertively to any potential contacts you may want to add to your list. The more people you add, the more testimonials and exposure you gain access to.

Check in frequently

There’s no need to spend the entire day on the site, skimming your feed and reading and commenting on every post. But a few minutes each day or each week can keep your profile active and your name in circulation. Share articles and personal career news too, since these can boost your image as a professional and a thought leader.

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