When you’ve poured all your best resources into your hiring program, and your efforts have paid off thanks to luck, timing and hard work, you’ll have a brilliant team in place. Or at the very least, you’ll have a solid team in place with a few stand-out performers. Don’t let complacency undermine what you’ve built! Once you have a talented and dedicated staff in place, hold onto them as long as possible by deploying these three tested and proven strategies.

Cultivate your culture.

When employees love their jobs, they don’t usually cite just one reason. Sure, some measure of loyalty can be earned by providing a generous salary and benefits. But money only goes so far, and when employees are so committed to their companies they stay for years, through thick and thin, workplace culture often plays a strong role. Take active steps to make sure your culture is honest, pleasant and positive. A basic standard of behavior should be used to measure the value of everyone who comes in the door, and the bar should be high on these metrics: civility, professionalism, kindness, diligence, fairness, and engagement. If your employees are decent and trustworthy to each other, they’ll enjoy each other’s company a lot more (and so will you).

Understand employee goals.

Do you know exactly what your employees are working on at any given moment? As they sit hunched over their desks, do you know what they’re trying to achieve and why? Here’s an even more important question: Do you know what they have in mind for their own careers over the next three, five and ten years? Every employee has goals and aspirations that extend beyond the walls of this workplace. If you know what those goals are, you can help each employee reach them without leaving.

Allow them to grow and challenge themselves.

There’s a difference between teaching and encouraging employees and hovering over them so they never make a single mistake. The first is great, and the second is not so great. “Failure” is an abstract concept, and the old definition (a terrible fate to be avoided at all costs) is rapidly going out of style. Failure is now recognized as one of the most reliable paths to growth, true learning and true long-term success. So, push your employees into the deep end now and then. Offer them more responsibility than you’re sure they can handle. Then coach them through it and prepare to be surprised by the results. The only way to truly discover what you can do is to make an attempt, fall short and try again. The same is true of your teams, and if you provide them with this experience, you’re likely to earn their loyalty.

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