You brought your “A” game to your first interview and you gave it everything you had. You put your best foot forward, and then you walked out the door and hoped for the best. A few days later, your efforts paid off. You landed a second interview! Congratulations … but you aren’t finished just yet. Here are a few tips that can help you make the most of your gains and score a final offer.

Dress differently.

It may sound like odd advice, but when you step in the door for your next session, keep your personal brand and presentation in mind. Showcase a slightly different side of yourself and make the most of a second opportunity to show off in this particular area. If you wore a suit last time, try a shirt and tie. If you wore a skirt last time, wear trousers this time around. Turn your second greeting into a second first impression.

Create a list of details you may have missed.

Before your interview, sit down and write out a list of accomplishments, skills and other profile highlights that may have been under-discussed or overlooked during your last conversation. The employer already likes you. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have called you back in. So, use this opportunity to direct or redirect the focus to areas that didn’t get their time in the spotlight earlier.

Ask more questions.

You probably ended your last session by turning the tables and asking your employer a few questions about the job and the company. But now that you’ve landed a second interview, you’ve earned the confidence to ask more questions and gather more information that can help you make a decision about the role. Speak up! Now is the perfect time.

Clear up any issues.

Did your employer explain something in the last session in a way that left you still slightly confused? Did you misunderstand or forget a key detail they may have already shared? Be bold and clarify these issues now, before you receive an offer.

Lay the groundwork for a salary negotiation.

Do some research and determine the market standard rate for this job, this industry and your geographic area. Review your own background and set an asking range for yourself, including your ideal (at the top) and the lowest you’ll accept (at the bottom). Don’t share your range unless and until the subject comes up, but when it does, you’ll want to be ready. (Side note: You are never obligated to share your past salary, even if your interviewers ask directly.)

Stay positive! A second interview means you’re well on your way to an offer and the ball is entering your court. Contact the team at Extension and we’ll help you get ready for anything that comes your way.



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